Thursday, 8 December 2011

quiet time

Not a pretty sight that photo is it? It was taken at the Planetary Empires at the end of last month.

It was a good weekend, even if I didn't do so well with 2 wins and 3 losses, but one of those wins was part of the team game where Ben, Chris Sam and I took on one of the other teams. The other win came against a deamon player in a 'home and away' mission and was a hard fought game which ultimately came down to me being able to infiltrate a unit next to his objective and my opponent being distracted by too many decisions and making the wrong ones.

Two of the losses came against Eldar players. There were two races I [i]didn't[/i] want to face: Eldar and Dark Eldar. Put plainly I couldn't keep up with them an they ran rings around me.

Whilst down that way we popped in to Maelstrom and I picked up Borka Kegslayer and a Winter Troll which I tried out last night against Nick's Menoth. I'm not sure if I used them correctly, but they were a lot of fun and nicely different to Doomie, so it made a nice change and i think i'm going to stick with him for a while. Other recent acquisitions include Mulg and a unit of Fennblades which i've been waiting about 4 months for, so I need to find time to put them together soon so that i can use them in my 35 point lists.

On top of this I need to find time to assemble and paint 845 points of Dark Eldar as well as get used to using them, so as is increasingly the case, its going to be sporadic for a while!


  1. We are such a pretty bunch.
    Was a good weekend, certainly will go again, although I am a bit meh about the less story orientated weekends as apparently they are less fun and more full of doosh's who are there to win or die trying.

    You decided on the final list you are wanting to take for DE now?

  2. lol, thats not normally much of an issue for me as i lose more than I win. Best bet is to attend one and decide for yourself - it depends on what you want to get out of it also.

    list wise we are set for now, dependent upon future testing

  3. What is your list btw, I know its wyches but what else is there?

  4. lelith
    2x8 wyches w/razorflail, hekatrix, agoniser (one has a power weapon i think), haywire grenades
    2x3 Reavers w/ heat lance, cluster caltrops
    1 Cronos w/ spirit syphon, the other upgrade
    1 talos with chain snares and something or other

    it teams up with Ben's force who has two webway portals

  5. Web way portals are nice but totally dependant on reserve rolls bud, I hope you are good at rolling otherwise your enemy will seriously make you pay if your force arrives peicemeal. Is Ben running the distraction whilst yours are in reserve?

  6. Drax,

    PM'd you some idea's on what you have in your list on HUlls Angels