Monday, 2 January 2012

I have been somewhat distracted of late...

I have seriously been considering re-naming this blog "The Nation of Procrasti"

Let me know what you think.

Anyway, just a quick one to show you what I've been doing rather than start painting the Dark Eldar for doubles:

So, here we have a Thundertusk, which fair play, I'm using the Ogres at the moment, then there are the zombies (i've dug up ol' stinky from my old zombies to make 10) and in truth, I plan to use them in the near future. Then there is the death Company Dreadnought. I just felt like it really.

In other news, had three games today with three armies in three systems. Played the Ogres versus Ben's Empire. Lots of valuable lessons learnt in that loss. Then we played Hordes and my Borka list went up against Ben's new and improved Mordikaar list. Ouch, that hurt. two losses from two.

Then the Dark Eldar wanted a go - this was an odd game really - Ben was essentially playing as his Sisters and assisting me with our combined doubles list - I think it worked very well, but it was only initial testing, so who knows.

So a great start to the new year, but now its back to the books for uni and i really really need to sort out the painting as Louise isn't bailing me out on this one!


  1. lol really, really need to sort out the painting? What you going to do Drax?
    That Thundertusk is massive, I dont think my Dwarfs have anything to take on that beasty, well maybe a few crazy slayers.
    looking forward to seeing some painted DE for your next Blog

  2. Nice work on the Dark Eldar!! XD

    You didnt fair too well in the new year with your Ogres either then...same.
    2 losses against the ratmen!

  3. Should either of you (Drax + Angry) need an ego boost, my elves will be built by the end of january for you both to slap around.

  4. I shall certainly take you up one that Shane, although don't be so negative. I haven't won yet.

  5. that is the weirdest army ever...

  6. not really, its a legal force from the newest White Dwarf Codex - its called Blood Zombie Kingdoms.

    surprised you haven't heard about it - its all the buzz on the math hammer forums!