Thursday, 24 February 2011

You can snooze for ten minutes, I'm having a shit

Were the first words I heard on the day before my 30th Birthday as my phone alarm woke me and the bathroom door opened to spill light in to an otherwise dark room.

This was saturday morning at 6.30, we had been out for a curry and a few beers the night before and we were heading to Warhammer World later that morning for our Doubles outing.

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed gaming with Mart and his army and we had 10 great opponents, 1 ok one and one first class douche!

Our first game was against Andy and Paul (Ticket number 075) who fielded Imperial Guard and Eldar respectively. The game was Capture and Control Pitched Battle Deployment.

In turn 1, I insisted in targetting the Eldar Falcon with the lootas as i saw it as our biggest threat, not least because they wanted us to concentrate on the Bane Wolves. Thereby went my sole tactical contribution to this battle, the rest was Mart and luck. I exploded the Falcon and slew three of the five Fire Dragons inside - they were the reason i went for the falcon in the first place! In response, a guided Wraithlord killed two lootas.

Turn two was a bit of a wash out as the lootas managed a stunned result on one of the bane wolves, but was granted a cover save which it passed. In return, the lootas were reduced to one loota who survived and passed his morale! never underestimate the last man standing! a lesson i've made many an opennent realise with sole melta gunners, flamers and the like!In combat the Harlies killed 3 shoota boyz, but all bar the troop master were slaughtered.

At this point i seem to have misplaced turn 3. even at the time I wasn't sure what i did with it, but in Turn 4 i killed one Bane Wolf and Stunned the other whilst the opponents Autarch and Jetbikes arrived.

Turn five wasn't really an event for me and the game ended in a well deserved draw.

Game 2 was a Spearhead Annihilation against Andy (with his Space Wolves) and Dave (with his Blood Angels) Ticket number 067.


Long and short, we got mashed! they got 9 Kill points and we got 1. well, I did ;) In fairness these boys well and truly outclassed us and it was a great game, but not one we had any chance of winning or even drawing for that matter! I can't even remember what I got the kill point for other than it was one of the Blood Angels units.

Game 3 was both the most difficult and the most satisfying, but far from the most enjoyable. Basically we played the douche and the ok guy in this one, and i think away from the douche, the ok guy would be great! but when you get followed in to the toilets after the game for the ok guy to apologise for the douche you gotta wonder why he puts up with it.

This was capture and control with Dawn of War and 4 objectives. First off the douche insisted on deploying 3 guard squads and a command squad all in chimeras claiming it as one choice. I disputed this but mart told me to let it go as it meant that we could kill him quicker and get away from him! Everything went right for me and mart in this game. Primarily because we knew the rules, worked together and made informed choices, whereas douche bolshily ordered ok guy around in to some quite frankly stupid as hell maneuvres, messed his own decisions up and generally cheated. Even when he moved his Valkerie nose to base to get nearer an objective, he still lost 2-0 because he thought that he only needed to be within 6"! he ended losing 2 objectives to nil because he also focussed on the throw-away burna boy squad that we wanted him to shoot at instead of the buggy which we used to contest the only objective that he had bothered to hold.

I really have never seen someone react that badly to a loss - the twat even thought he'd have won had he moved the valkerie another 3". he'd actually have still lost 1-0. Never have i enjoyed a victory so much, and the best part was, he killed 1001 points of our stuff and we killed about 3-400 of his max! I am fairly sure Mart agrees with me that although i wouldn't want to play him again, i'd enjoy crushing him again! and crush him i would!

Game 4 was against Adam (Knights Sanguine) and Andrew (Deathwing) Ticket 072. Kill Points, Dawn of War.

Bit of a boring one for Mart and I i'm afraid. Adam and Andrew were nice guys and tactically you can't fault them (they did what I would do) but they sat as far back as possible and picked us off as we struggled like hell to get in to combat! In the ned all we really managed was to wipe the above assault squad down to 3 strong whilst they picked us off a bit at a time.

Game 5 we plated Crimson Fists and Space wolves though I seem to have decided not to take any notes here and few pictures.


All I remember was that we lost this one and Mart was very proud of the number of 6s he rolled!

Game six and we were both a little tired and definately ready for home which was a shame as we were facing two great Lancashire lads with their double Orks. Pete Sims and Steve Tidswell, ticket 003.


again my notes failed me mostly because i wanted to go home by this point, but they were a real treat to face and i'd happily game with them again. I think that a draw was a fair reflection of what each of us deserved and Mart and I finished on a high!

just quickly before I go, a quick mention to Piers and Tim who got a best army nomination. Sorry guys, this is the best photo I got out of a series of 6.

So finally, Thanks to mart for teaming up with me and thanks to Ben, Sam, Piers and Tim as well as all but one of our opponents (and in a very 'in your face!' way, even him) for helping to make my 30th birthday a great birthday!


  1. Nice one Drax,

    Enjoyed the read, remember theres always one dickhead the ruins a game, thats what makes the other so much more enjoyable. The fact that you also won against him is a bonus 8)

  2. Sounds like a cracking time, and some really fun games. And you got to crush a d**khead which is always a lovely pass time.

    Although, and please do correct me if I am incorrect, as much as I hate to agree with a douche doesn't a command squad and three guard units technically class as one troop choice? As each infantry platoon counts as a single troop choice? And in DoW deployment you need 2 troop and 1 HQ don't you?

  3. thats the thing chris, its not explicitly clear, but given that the example in the DoW mission states that a squad with a dedicated transport counts as two troops options, so the way he wanted to deploy seemed kind of cheaty, but on the flip side, we didn't question it so we gained an advantage, so swings and roundabouts

  4. Sounds like a great weekend, wish I could have attended. Sounds like you guys had a real blast.

  5. @Drax
    I just had a peak at the statements for both.
    The IG book states that a platoon takes up one troop choice on the force organisation chart.
    But then the DoW deployment states that two troop units and one HQ. And in the example "player B then deploys a unit of troops, already embarked into their dedicated transport (which is his second unit of troops)".
    The subtle difference is the use of the word 'Unit' rather than 'Choice'. So DoW isn't deploy 2 troop choices its 2 units that fall under the troop category.
    So you would have been right to contest it and I was wrong to think other wise =]

    Thinking it about it now, it would be absolutely mental if it was two troops choices, as IG Platoons can be massive, and if you could field two of them and a leader at the start you would have hundreds of models.... bit mental.