Monday, 14 February 2011


... I only found out what that word actually meant last year. I always meant to find out, but kept putting it off.

Beleive it or not, thats not a joke. Whats also not a joke is just how many reasons I come up with to put off starting my next assembly: The sisters of Battle exorcist!

I've got two of these big momma's to put together and frankly i'm bricking it! I'm thinking that maybe its one to put together down at the club!

Whilst we are talking about the Sisters, if anyone reading this has any of the following icons spare, give us a shout and we'll try to barter something out! I need at least four of them!

Looking forwards to doubles at the end of this week and we are in to the final preparations. Printing and laminating FAQs, ordering new dice (yes thats right, Mart has banned me from using any of my existing dice) and choosing which toys i'm going to buy at Warhammer World!

I may squeeze in a post before doubles, but if not, wish me luck and i'll see you on the other side!


  1. If you need a reason to build them here is one, Dark Eldar Talos. See you on the battlefield soon m8 8)

    oh and good luck.

  2. Once you get one done, you may find it easier. I have seen the metal madness, I can fully understand why your putting it off!

    Im trying not to think about doubles as I get to excited and my day goes slow!

  3. lol Mart,

    Deep dowm your just big kids 8).

    If its mainly metal Drax I would def pin most of it. I'm like you I hate using metal models, one slip whilst gaming and its trashed. Plastic is def the way to go, I would have thought by now that GW would have dropped the metal range all together

  4. Hey Drax,

    I cant make it for the game tonight. I'm full of cold so I'm gonna get a few early nights to try and shake it off. Sorry for the late post, I thought you would be more likely to get the message here

    Regards Skal

  5. That could be my fault I was starting with it last week when we played and I caressed your dice. Sorry.