Thursday, 10 February 2011

Are we nearly there yet?

Well we are just over a week away from doubles and I just can't wait.

Mart has made the artwork for our lists and its looking very impressive!

We had our first game as a team and, well, it wasn't great and we got mashed by Skaltar's Dark Elves. Now in fairness, he is a good player, had written a strong list and used it well, but we also made a lot of mistakes, and yet learn a lot too!

We still had optimism at this point


we decided to call a Waaagh here. It was a bit premature.

There, er, there used to be a big unit of Orks here. Not any more. not any more.


we be dead.

Tonight i wheeled out my Sisters army again. I used them last week, but they didn't do so well. This battle was different! i amended the list to St Celestine, two sister squads in rhinos, two seraphim squads and a melta dominion squad. We played Capture and control with Dawn of War setup. it ended in a draw, but i really got the handle of the army and i look forward to using them in the campaign.

Mart's ork deployment - i kept everything off and so my full army arrived on turn 1 meaning that as mart went first, he couldn't get in to combat!

lining up for some flamer pain having already taken out a Deff Dread!

Did anyone see where those Orks went? deep fried greenskin anyone?
Taking out some kans before sling shotting with hit and run!

per-twang! getting ready for the final phases

these two show where things ended on turn five. as said earlier, a draw as the kans contested my objective whilst the none scoring seraphim were the only ones close enough to mart's objective! one turn later and things may have swung in my favour, but then again, maybe not!


  1. I am still annoyed at your T4 tactic. I can only describe attacking those Sisters like attacking a slippy bar of F ing soap!!!! aaaagh.

  2. what can I say, that is how they are meant to work!

    The Hit and Run rule was originally created for that unit, so thats why they use it so well!

  3. Nice Poster guys, still can't believe they let you get away with the name tho :-). Best of luck.

    And yeah Seraphim are a pain in the butt, albeit a very fluffy one :-P. One of my bane units with any CC army, especially one vulnerable to flamers such as Orks, horde Nids or Daemons.