Friday, 18 July 2014

This week in Immoren: Progressing like Clockwork

After a bit of a break from Warmachine and Hordes to concentrate on Malifaux, I've started to look at the game once more. This time, rather than go back to the Trollbloods, I've decided I want to give something new a try, which meant either Convergence of Cyriss, Circle Orboros or Thornfall Alliance as those are the three I've been stocking up on following my recent selling spree to fund new stuff. In the end I decided upon Convergence. 

I'd fallen in love with them as soon as I saw them. My favourite Doctor Who villains are the Cybermen, and when I saw the Cyriss Symbol and the Directorix artwork I knew I had to have them. Even the ethos of Cyriss that clockwork vessels are superior to flesh is the same. 

I like aspects of all the 'casters, and as I have at least one of all the released models, it means I have plenty of flexibility when writing lists, as long as I can assemble quickly enough anyway. As I had already built him a while ago, I decided to start with Axis. He is less subtle than some of the other 'casters meaning that I can worry a little less about him and a bit more about how the army works. 

Before I even played a game with them I set down Axis and a few Vectors including the Corallary and worked out the optimum moves for making the most of focus induction. Obviously I knew that no plan survives the enemy, but if I could get my head around the basics first, I'd have the advantage. As it is, having played two games now, I think I've managed to cope quite well with the mechanics. I do feel the pinch of Warmachine in terms of the Focus vs Fury changes, but with Convergence it is a little more manageable. 

On Saturday I played against Sam's Cryx for my first game, and Sam is still fairly new to Cryx and the Warmachine differences, so I wasn't going to be able to use the 'but I'm new' card against him. 

I hate Deneghra.

I don't really, I love her, but I think that I'm going to need to give Cryx a good thinking about. Crippling grasp is a killer when cast on Axis as I need him able to move and strike. His armour isn't actually as good as you would expect from the background, so against her, perhaps Lucant with Purification is the answer. That said, Axis' own feat is a decent counter to her's. Evening out the speed buff/debuff means I can keep my army charging. 

The other issue with Cryx is the fight for my Army's souls. They need them to boost their attacks, I need them to bring back my models, so I must be careful to ensure the Enigma Foundry(s) stay close. In the end I did what I always do with my 'caster, regardless of faction and left him exposed to a 'caster kill. Sam obliged and charged his Harrower in for the kill. 

We had a second game and this time Sam wanted to summon the kraken. But I told him that this is a family friendly blog, so he used his Colossal instead. I played better this game, but in the end I did what I always do with my 'caster, regardless of faction and left him exposed to a 'caster kill. This time Axis fell to a pistol wraith. 

On Monday I played against Luke's epic Morvahna list. Now, he knows his Circle well so I wasn't ever going to beat him, even if I played Trolls. By now I think the list I know best for Trolls is my epic Grissel one. I'm pretty good with that, even against armies it shouldn't match up well against, and even that wouldn't beat Luke. He's my Unicorn (that's a Gone in 60 seconds reference).

Knowing a bit about how Morvahna works, and with confirmation from Luke, I concentrated on his units making sure that I wiped out his units completely though I did still plan to use my Clockwork Angels to take out any vulnerable solos should the opportunity arise. 

I was pretty pleased how well the game went. He had a unit of max skinwalkers and max Tharn Ravagers which I did take out, albeit that I left one Skinwalker on one wound meaning that instead of charging Morvahna with Axis, I was forced to use him to take out the Skinwalker in case Axis couldn't kill the goat girl in one turn...

In the end I did what I always do with my 'caster, regardless of faction and left him exposed to a 'caster kill.

Luke failed a threshold check on a maxed out Warpwolf Stalker, but even so, Morvahna aside he had a Gorax and a couple of solos in position to charge the big man should Morvahna fail. She did not. Knocking him down on the chage meant that on max fury, she had plenty of attacks to take him out. In the end I believe she still had four fury when she struck the killing blow. 

It was a great game, and not one I expected to win. Luke played her well and deserved to add Axis to his fledgling Caster Kill Challenge tally.

Next time Foster! Next time!

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