Sunday, 15 June 2014

Malifaux Journal: Escalating threats

There is something in the air lately. Despite only recently being blooded by my masters, the tension is rising as though they mean to test me further. I do not know what the future holds, but it seems fate will do with me as she sees fit. 

Well, I've had two games of M2e now, so that means I'll be ready for a tournament right? 

What have I let myself in for? Well, I've signed up for Cojo Dojo at The Outpost in early July, and I had thought that it was a beginner tournament, but seeing some of the names on the list already, I'm not so sure. I think therefore I'm going to have to keep things simple.

Seamus it is then! I may take the Doc too, but I haven't played him yet, and I don't know if I will get much chance to do so before the day so he would be a hell of a risk in what is already going to be a long shot. But no matter, I shall stick with the Hatter and see how he fares. I'm expecting a spoon anyway. 

Now, the tournament doesn't have a painting requirement, but I am trying to get some models painted by then. Because I know myself well enough, I know I won't get everything done, but if I at least make some progress I shall be happy. As things stand at the moment I have started one of the Rotten Belles' dresses. I went for green as I am wanting to have the Belle's dressed in richly coloured clothing, as per their artwork, but at the moment, I've only really got a suitable green colour to hand. 

Since I have six Belles plus Sybelle I'm also toying with painting each Belle in the main colours of the different factions, but since Gremlins are brown, I'm not sure if I can get a dress looking right in that colour Sybelle may get pink instead. 

I've been doing some research in to zombie flesh, and I couldn't quite find the right tone, so after putting a post up on the Wyrd Place Facebook group, I received a lot of helpful replies, so thank you for that. 

In preparation for the tournament, and really more to avoid opponents facing someone totally unprepared, I've obviously re-read the Rulebook paying as much attention to those rules I think I understand as to those I think I'm a little uncertain about. That is a tip I would encourage all players to adopt with a new game or edition. When revising, don't just glss over something because you think you know it, read it to reinforce the fact that you do. 

So I shall crack on in the hope of making some progress.

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