Saturday, 22 February 2014

This week in Immoren: Painting progression

Painting isn't progressing as well as I had hoped, yet better than I expected. As it stands presently I see no reason why Grissel's battlegroup shouldn't be completed, and Doomshaper's shouldn't have a reasonable chunk with at least a bit of paint on. 

I also keep forgetting about the Feralgeist which is already painted. 

If I can, I hope to finish the whelps that were started early on, and if possible perhaps either the Warders or the Fennblades. 

Considering how this is all developing it has had me thinking about how to approach painting in order to sustain progress. Having had a chat with a few people, and reviewing the way that this current batch is progressing, I think that the best method is to break it down into reasonably manageable chunks. My thinking is that a battlegroup consisting of a Warcaster/Warlock (including any members of his/her unit), at least two Warjacks/Warbeasts, a solo and a unit every two months is a reasonable goal, and as such once I finish these current Battlegroups, the Warders and the Fennblades, I intend to work on the alternate Trollblood Battlebox with consists of pDoomie, the Mauler, The Pyre Troll and the Storm Troll. In addition I shall paint the Stone Scribe Chronicler and the Krielstone unit and attachment. 

I may mix it up with Circle and Convergence now and then, but the main focus remains getting the Trolls painted. 

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