Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Rise of the Unforgiven

Well, after nearly a month of not painting anything for my painting pledge, I have decided that Chaos Space Marines will not be the force of choice for this.

I've very much enjoyed playing my Huron led Red Corsairs army and I shall continue to do so for pick up and play games, however if I wish to use a painted army for any given event, then the Dark Angels stand the stronger chance of being painted in time.

At present I have a little over 2250 points of painted Dark Angels, but typically my newest list has very little by way of my originally painted units. Furthermore, I think it about time I actually painted some of these Dark Angels myself.

So this means that I have a little over a month to paint a few models, but at this stage I have no idea which ones I intend to paint.

The first problem I have is that if I choose a Tactical squad to paint, then I need to paint a Rhino with it, though as I have already said, I am hoping that someone will be able to help me out with airbrush painting my vehicles (hint).

So for now, I've just got to decide which units I need painting the most and then find a reasonable painting guide so that this time I can have a unified colour scheme.


  1. Ok, so one month to paint left and you still haven't decided what to paint yet?
    Look at getting a character done and maybe a small combat squad of Tacticals, that should be your 250 points easy.
    Otherwise you best get a move on with whatever you choose lol.
    nice choice on the Dark Angels....with their release I was wondering why you hadn't picked them in the first place.

    1. To be honest, my painting standard isn't going to be quite the same as every one else's so the time frame isn't the issue, the actually doing it was.

      As for why I didn't choose the Dark Angels in the first place, at the time of my decision the Codex wasn't out. I didn't at that time realise how many new units that I would need, so it didn't seem so bad.

      Also, I was trying not to jump between armies so much as I had before, so staying with the Chaos meant that I was hoping to keep my focus on them. But in the end, it is more urgent to get the DA painted and I think I shall keep them as an army to use when painted rather than from day to day.

  2. Current thoughts are 10 scouts and an Aegis line.

  3. I have LOADS of those Aegis lines, is this part of the game now that you can add to your amry list?

    Also I was suprised you werent doing DA

  4. I'll see how the next month goes but i may very well join you on the army switching. Ogres seem much more achievable ;)

  5. Mart - Yeah, you can purchase fortifications now. The rulebook has the Aegis Line, the Bastion and the Skyshield Landing pad. I like many tend to go for the Aegis as you can take with it either an Icarus Lascannon or a Quad Gun (2x Twin Linked Autocannon). Both of which can be fired by an infantry model and have the Skyfire and Interceptor rules so can fire at Fliers and ground based units at full BS rather than just on a 6.

    Shane - The Ogre looks good. Paint another 6 by the end of Feb and you will still have fulfilled the 250 requirements.