Sunday, 27 January 2013

Progress (of sorts) so far.

Still not painted anything yet. Been building the scouts and the Aegis line (I have one for my Chaos and one for my Loyalists).

Sorry about the rubbish picture, even for me it is a bad one, but since it isn't of anything painted I figured it wasn't the end of the world.

The Scouts for my Blood Angels are Sniper Rifle and Missile Launcher armed so I didn't really want to repeat that with their Dark Angels counterparts. After talking with Ben I decided to go with Bolters. My intention here is to use them to either outflank as a full unit or combat squad them as infiltrators (in the main), but I suspect that other options and ideas shall present themselves once I've used them a couple of times.

So, I'm going to have to paint these things now.

I've also converted a quad gun for my Chaos Space Marines so that the Imperium and the Traitors don't have to share.

I have no idea why, but blogger doesn't want to show this the correct way up. Even though the picture is saved as such on the computer.

Stupid thing!


  1. Id say looking good, but I can't see anything for the blurring ;)

    Where / what is the box under the quad gun?

    1. Ha ha. The point is more to show I'm not just going to pass off any miniatures that Lou has already painted. I shall replace the pic with a better one if I can.

      Do you mean that the gun itself is mounted on? It comes with the Aegis line, I just scraped off an Aquilla and replaced with a Chaos symbol for the Chaos one.

      Or do you mean the black box behind? That's the Pandorica. It contains the Doctor.

    2. You can rest assured I'm not interested in your black box...

      It's the thing it's on, I spotted them being used in WD yesterday to mount sentry guns.

  2. Good to see some progress bud. Not sure I like the idea of 10 bolters appearing on my flank...well if I worried about such things anyway. Good times man, look forward to the paint going on!

  3. I saw the pic in my list and thought you had changed to UM as it looked blue!

    Good stuff tho its always good to get the building done. You have inspired me to dig out all my scenery in the attic, I reckon I could make a 2.5k force out of the stuff!

    PS, is your banner a big one for your big here?

  4. Cheers guys.

    Aye Mart it is, but also to be used as a link on your TotG blog.

    1. NP, will try and get i don this week. I have to research steam punk stuff!

  5. Ooh you're gaining on me Mark, keep up the good work!