Sunday, 18 November 2012

Iron Kingdoms RPG

Well, it seems I don't play enough systems already and have now dipped my toe in to the new Iron Kingdoms RPG. Now, I will say that I have actually intended to do so for a while as I had pre ordered a copy from the ill fated Maelstrom (who still have my money for this incidentally) only for the release date to come and go and for no book to appear.

As such, I've had to wait to take a look at someone else's copy, and this Friday gone not only did I get to have a look, but I also had a chance to take part in my first ever RPG thanks to Dave.

Typically, I decided to stick with what I know and chose a Trollkin character, and Jarl being my favourite Warlock I also went for a pistolier. Now I appreciate that I won't actually be playing Jarl, but I did like the idea of a Trollkin becoming a gunslinger. Apparently, with the help of some of the other players, I've put together a ruthless combination which will only be muted by my inexperience.


For now I await my re-order of the book and look forward to the next adventure!


  1. It was good fun, I find myself looking forward to the next installment.

    The question is - do I stick with the prebuilt character I tried out or come up with something new?

    Key contenders:

    Arrogant and Lazy Investigator Mage
    Incomprehensible Field Mechanic Gobber (with a steam powered labour jack)
    Dwarf Investigator Man at Arms
    Llaelese Aristocrat Thief

  2. I think make your own, its much more fun. Plus there is very little chance to do so in the Privateer Press worlds, so why not make the most of the opportunity.

    I may change my character as well. I love the Jarl like persona, but I *do* play Jarl already.

    Shall have a good look through the book when it arrives and decide from there. May even randomise gender to mix things up a bit!