Monday, 5 November 2012

Chaos Decided

Well, I'm nearly done finalising my plans for my Chaos Space Marines and I think I'm settling upon Red Corsairs. I love their background and have often considered going with them in the past, especially having taken part on the secessionist side of the Badab Wars campaign last year. I have also always been drawn to the Huron model being as it is a very strong sculpt and I bought it as soon as it was released intending to use it as a Chaos Lord if not as Huron himself. Sadly however in the previous edition it was a Lash Sorcerer or Lash Daemon Prince every time.

I've gone for a relatively unmarked force in order to fit in with the Red Corsair's background, though I have gone for Nurgle Bikers (I know, I know) and Tzeentch Terminators (I said I know) and I may add in a unit or two of marked CSMs or Legion units from time to time.

For now though it's mainly the same force I used in the last edition but with a couple of the new units such as the new Heldrake and a Forgefiend which may switch with a Defiler from time to time.

I am currently trying to find a second list to give a bit of a varied force, this time edging for a more Legion heavy force, though I suspect that it would be best to focus on the first list for a while to see what works, why how and where.

In other 40k news, I'm nearly there with the Blood Angels army (obviously unpainted) as I just need to assemble a Tactical squad before the intended list is ready. The plan here is to use them as a second force for when I play regularly against other Chaos players to give them an Imperial force to face so they can make best use of the Veterans of the Long War rule from time to time.


  1. Lets see the first list then m8

  2. You'll see it on the table sweetheart! ;)

    We'll need to arrange a game soon, I tire of the poor quality I am forced to face ;)

  3. lol,

    I'm working a shutdown at work atm, 12 hr shifts, 13 days on one off, so its going to be Dec before I will be able to get a game in m8.
    Plenty of time for you to fine tune this army into the blunt hammer its promising to be 8)