Sunday, 2 September 2012

Dark Vengeance Release Day games

Well, my copy didn't arrive, not that I really expected it to as it was only shipped on Thursday, so I was lucky enough to go to the club with Matt and have a good look at his copy.

The models are beautiful, albeit some of the joins on the chosen are a little strange, so I am looking forward to assembling mine. There will be a multitude of detailed pictures accross the web of these models which will be far better than I took, so I shall leave that to them.

One of the great things about the box set that I think Games Worksop dropped the ball on with Island of Blood is the inclusion of missions. There are six within the book, at least two of which could be played by just one person.

We played Mission 5, Firefight which is basically kill points, but different points for each unit. We played ths twice so both of us managed to use each force, and I have to say that the Chaos force is up against it. Perhaps the different missions balance up so it is a fluff decision, but unless you are very tactically adept and there is literally a table full of scenery then I suspect most people will find it a tough call killing more Dark Angels than they lose from there own forces. I suspect that the Multi Melta on the Hellbrute doesn't help. If it was a TL Reaper, then maybe it would be worth shooting, but a one shot weapon means that you'd just want to run it possibly leaving him exposed and isolated.

Nonetheless, Dark Vengeance has breathed new life into my enthusiasm for 40k and I've brought down my Codexs again!

...Now to find some more time.


  1. The models do look beautiful and the missions sound good. My mate Ed brought his round on Saturday and we had a gander at it.
    I am avoiding buying for now as I just don't need it, but I am impressed by it.

  2. I'm definitely struggling in my fight to be uninterested in 6th ed. I'm not going to buy the box though, I think I'm going to slowly work on my space wolves and start a "Blitzkrieg" style ork army. Don't expect to see either on the table any time soon though ;)

  3. Got mine the other day and yeah they're gorgeous models and certainly a bargain. I still haven't popped my 6th ed cherry yet so will try and get that sorted ASAP!