Sunday, 12 August 2012

For the Motherland!

So the day we all new would come is upon us. In a moment of weakness I have ordered a second fleet for Dystopian Wars. After long consideration I chose the Russian Coalition, though it was a tough call between them and the FSA.

In the end it came down to the fact that the Russians seem to be a different beast to the initial nations and I liked the idea of having to weather all the incoming fire before unleashing a barrage at close range. It'll be tough, but at least it'll mean a swifter game until then. The models too are very nice being a mixture of inspirations from CoA to KoB whilst still keeping its own identity.

 In what is technically the second batch of purchases I have a bought a Kostroma Battle Carrier, a squadron of Tambov Gunships, a squadron of Rostov Destroyers and a squadron of Saransk Medium Skyships. The first batch is the Naval Battle group and the Moskva Dreadnought (which is holding them up as it hasn't yet been released) and so once that arrives I shall have a substantial Naval force supported by a small Air force.

At the moment however the models I have amount to 655 which is an awkward amount, so it may be a little while before the Russian Coalition sees action, however if all goes to plan I hope to use them in the upcoming mini campaign at Hulls Angels.

Until then however, the KoB shall rule the seas!


  1. Haha you have even less willpower than me Mark! Danny at the club has also started a Russian fleet so it'll be interesting to see who gets theirs painted first ;)

  2. It'll be Danny as you well know lol.

    Yeah we were chatting on Wednesday about them. They are going to be a glass hammer, but we shall see. Hopefully getting used to the KoB before everyone else starts playing DW means that I've time to get used to the Russian Coalition before they all catch up. Luckily Matt is a little slow on the uptake! ;)

  3. Look forward to seeing the models, they looked awesome in picture form.
    Also looking forward to shooting that stolen tech to bits.

  4. OK Vanguard (still doesnt sound right)
    If you think of a colour/ camo scheme that you like, I will offer to try and paint them for you.
    As Shane stated so well, you Sir have the breaking strain of a Kit Kat when it comes to (new) models.
    We all know that these mini's will never get painted so just this once I'm giving you the option for me to have a go painting them for you.
    Upto you! I will be using the Airbrush on them if you do decide to let me lol

  5. Actually Nick, what I would like would be for you to teach me to use an airbrush and help me paint - I want to paint, but i get so frightened.

    Been trying to get Mart to help me, but he wont.

    Colour wise I was considering that of a Vostroyan Tank.


  6. Ok m8,

    Thats not a problem, do you have a Airbrush?
    Give us a link to the Vostroyan Tank.

    PM on Hulls Angels m8

  7. Vanguard? WTF??? what happened to Drax??

  8. lol. I'm trying to separate my online identities.

    Also, I've noticed since doing so that whilst people would call me Drax to my face, they call me Mark instead of Vanguard.