Monday, 3 May 2010

Tales of Grandeur and Woe - Butchered!

Since Ancient seems reluctant to tell this tale, i shall tell it - since this is my first entry on this board, i may as well make it one of the worst luck possible!

My Beastmen were facing Ancient's freshly completed Ogre Kingdoms army - as agreed we had used the House Ruling for this battle.

despite getting the plus 1 for first turn, Ancient won the dice roll and elected to go first!

come his first magic phase, he cast Braingobbler on my Minotaurs! being unsure what else to expect from a maxed out Butcher army i choose to risk the ensuing Panic test, especially as the casting was on an 11!

no worries, the minos were next to my general, Malagor, so surely I could manage an 8? wrong! 9! off they ran, back off the end of the table like prissy little girls! this was going to end badly!

next up, Ancient's second Butcher went to cast Braingobbler on another unit - i already had 3 dispel dice in hand, but no need! Ancient rolled a double one! on the miscast table he then rolls a 3, meaning the Butcher suffered d3 wounds, which of course then rolled a 6 meaning 3 wounds were taken and the Butcher was dead!

oh well, no worries, the butcher balances up the Minotaur I suppose, mused Ancient.

the next roll by his Slaughter master also incredibly rolled another double one! this time, a 1 is rolled on the miscast killing the Slaughtermaster outright , causing 3 wounds to his unit, and d3 wounds to all remaining butchers, all of which, unbeleivably rolled a 5 or 6 killing them!

never mind Ancient, after that, [i]I[/i] was in total shock!

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