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Old Battle reports - Gaming day 27th March 2010

For those that don't know, I used to run a small forum for a few friends. I've recently taken the decision to close the forum down but didn't wish to lose all my old info. As such some of it will be posted on this blog.

The 27th March saw the first day of what is becoming an annual gaming event.
On the Saturday, four armies of Chaos clashed to determine who would be the Chaos Gods' champion and lead their armies to take on the valiant Dwarf alliance.

because they were ready first, Ancient and Snorri had a warm up battle between Snorri's mounted Warriors and Ancient's Beastmen

Once the armies were ready, the Combatants lined up their forces for team photos!

Unfortunately Greg the Giant didn't bother to turn up for the team photo, and he was the one with the kit, hence the unpainted army! ;)
Drax's Beastmen:

Ancient's Nurgle Warriors:

Snorri's mounted Warriors:

lucifer's Warriors:

The first battle saw lucifer's Warriors face off against Ancient's Nurgle warband.

the result was a resounding win for lucifer who along with a fair amount of luck (including most of that of Ancient's!) displayed a great amount of skill, especially considering that this was his first bout with the army!

on the other table, my Beastmen faced Snorri's Mounted Warriors.

i hadn't expected much out of this game to be perfectly honest, not least as this too was my first time with the force, however despite a well deserved victory for Snorri, i felt confident i knew what needed amending and was ready for my next match.

and this is where it all fell apart. the beers were out and so the photography came a second place - well, 5th actually: gaming, beer, toilet breaks, food, photography. and in practice, we could only really cope with remembering the first four!

the results of the next game were that Snorri faced lucifer with lucifer winning whilst i faced Ancient and Ancient won. my tweaking obviously hadn't been perfect, but more went my way, so i was on the right path. the battle was a bloody one!

in the third and final game of the day, Snorri and Ancient faced off with Snorri winning.

that result meant that if lucifer beat me, we would have a neat and easy hierarchy.

however, i wasn't going easy. i was after first blood and had spent two games intentionally losing so that i could pounce on which ever fool i faced last and as such i managed to gain my first victory.

this meant that Snorri and lucifer were drawing for first place with Ancient and i were left in joint last. in order to break the hierarchy, we had a wizards duel with ancient and i facing off each other and snorri and lucifer against each other

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