Tuesday, 23 December 2014

This week in Immoren: Priming

I've been putting this off for some time now as frankly, I'm terrified of damaging it. However, with a little over a month until it is needed for New Year's Revolution, I think I need to get cracking with the Prime Axiom, as whilst a fully painted Army isn't a necessity, I'm guessing using an empty base will be, at least, frowned upon!

The cause for my terror is simple: I don't feel that Convergence models should have battle damage. If it were a Stormwall, a Kraken, a Judicator or a Conquest, or even a Woldwrath I'd be happy to give it some bullet holes if I messed up the cleaning of the flash. If it were a Mountain King, a Mammoth or an Archangel, I could turn anything I caused to look like gouged flesh with a little work. But to me, neither the Retribution nor the Convergence seem to fit the battle damage theme. Unless Of course you are modelling the wreck. 

However, I've started.

In other news, I've had another practice game with my Lucant list last weekend. I didn't change anything from the list in my last post which I shall repeat here for reference.

This would be a good test facing whatever Sam had prepared without the luxury of tailoring. His list was as follows.

To say that this game was a slug fest is an understatement. We played Supply and Demand as the scenario and neither of us managed to score any points. The battle came down to the third tiebreak which I won on, but not by much. 

I took some photos at the end of turns 4,5 and 6 (which we had decided at the end of turn 4 would be the last turn as we weren't playing timed turns), but please bear in mind the following: THE ARCHANGEL WAS A PROXY FOR THE PRIME AXIOM! So get it over and done with, take the piss quickly, then move on! Also, the hover jack you can see was standing in for an Enigma Foundy as my second one is in parts awaiting a paint job.

At the end of turn 4, I've Feated and repaired most of the damage suffered by the Prime Axiom at the hands of the Kraken, and in return I took out one side of the Kraken using the Axiom and two of the Reciprocators whilst another two take out Sam's last Bonejack. Sam has whittled down the Obstructors to just 4, and even with the Enigma Foundry the largest they could get back to is 7. Sam has also killed my unit of Clockwork Angels during this turn which I really threw away to be fair. I should have been more conservative and used them to attack the Objective. 

During turn 5 I repaired a decent amount of the Axiom's damage with both Optifex Directives enabling me to take out the Kraken with a combination of the Reciprocators and the Axiom. The Reciprocators are taking a beating themselves, but are riding it out with the help of the Enigma Foundry. Two of them charge Saxon Orrick and will spend the remainder of the game locked in combat with him. In his turn, Sam uses Sturgis' Feat to move some of my figures in. He's pretty unlucky to be fair and only kills a couple of my Obstructors and causes a single wound on one of the Reciprocators. He also charges Sturgis in to my Prime Axiom and does a fair bit better, taking out the right side and causing a reasonable amount of damage to the left. He doesn't quite manage to kill it however and so in what will be our next turn he knows he will be open to assassination unless he teleports back to the rear of the zone. 

He creates some Scrap Thralls from the Kraken's wreck and uses them and the rest of his troops to create speed bumps. 

In the final turn, I chew through most of his remaining warrior models but fail to kill Sturgis. In his own turn there is little for him to do really and the game ends without much further action.

Now, I know that sounds a bit more on my side, however, I really wasn't sure on this one. I'd planned this list to be an attrition list, but that hadn't been Sam's plan with his, so all things considered, I deem his list to have won on the attrition front. It's also obvious that I remember my choices and outcomes better than his, but he did make some great choices in game that I simply cannot recall. Neither of us could breakthrough the other's lines to score even a point, and despite my note about the Clockwork Angels earlier, it wouldn't by any stretch be a foregone conclusion that it would have happened. 

I was really impressed by both the Obstructors and Reciprocators in this game as the former really held my left with the latter holding both the right and helping the centre. I'd not originally included Obstructors in the list, but at Dave's suggestion had put them in at least to try. I think I'd overlooked their reach and Combined Melee Attacks, but now I've realised it, I'm much happier with them. One of them managed to kill a Satyxis Blood Witch with a free strike which, had it not, just that one model could have changed the game. 

I've also not mentioned above how invaluable I found Purification. One of the reasons Sam was able to cause so much Damage on the Axiom was through Parisite and he also didn't do too badly at spreading a bit of Corrosion. Obviously he still got the benefits before each bout of Purification, however it made sure Sam had to pay that little bit more Focus for it. 

So all in all, a good test for the list, though I do think I need a bit more use with it. I do need also to give Aurora a whirl at 50 points, though this may not happen before January. 

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