Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Malifaux Journal: Rise once more

I am stronger now. I have rested and studied and now I am ready to venture forth once more. The Masters have underestimated me, for I am now playing two off against each other. I must be wary, lest my hubris get the better of me, but for now my own schemes are progressing, parallel to those of The Masters', yet unseen by them.

Malifaux has very much been forced to take a back seat in recent months. A mixture of very little time, Priority gaming time being given to Warmachine, and a lack of available opponents that aren't also suffering from at least two of these, and many other reasons besides has meant that I haven't had more than a couple of games since I attended Cojo Dojo. I have, however, assembled a good many models, but fear not, I've not painted anything yet! 

During GenCon I pre ordered a few bits and bobs. One of which was Kirai's Vengeful Spirits box. I found this an odd choice once I'd received it as there were very few plastics available for models that synergised well with her, and indeed none seem to be on the horizon. As such, she is on hold. Who knows, Molly may appear before Kirai's crew do, then it's on to her instead!

I have had a few goes with The Good Doctor, Douglas McMourning since Cojo Dojo, and whilst I think I've work to do still, I'm getting the hang of him, so he may be a contender for an alternate crew, though Seamus still leads the field.

This Sunday I am travelling over to Stockport with Ben for a tournament at the NWGC. I'm not hoping for any more of a result than I got in Sheffield, but I do think that I understand the game a little better now.

The upside is that I know the Strategies and deployment types for each game so I can initially think through lists for that, the downside is that without knowing the Schemes, I cannot plan too heavily. I think I shall stick with Seamus in the main. Both he and the Belles can help with movement and he and Sybelle have some killing power whilst the Belles can take a punch. After that, my options are open as I've got all the plastic options currently open to Ressers, so I can pick and choose wave 1 models easily. 

We shall see what Fate has in store. 

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