Wednesday, 10 July 2013

This week in Immoren: Sunday hobbying

I've had a good run of games of Hordes lately against Ben and Sam and I've really enjoyed them.

At this point I'm obliged to congratulate Sam on his first 'Caster kill the Sunday before last when he managed to slay Angus from Hunters Grim using a Carnivean. Now, I must admit that I cannot honour Sam with the four paragraphs that I awarded myself when I managed to kill his Thagrosh, however I will say that much like my own 'Caster kill, Sam managed string together a few combos to really make his turn a success, and even had it not worked, he would have likely weathered my own turn and seen off Angus in his next turn. Well done Samuel.

Proud of you!

This Sunday was supposed to be a hobby day rather than a gaming day, and moreover I was supposed to be painting. Ben had already done a fair bit of painting by the time I even picked up a paintbrush, and in a cunning ploy I used it to apply PVA to the bases so that I could add sand to them, thus delaying the painting a little longer. 

Digmies gonna dig!

Whilst the glue dried Ben and I played a small game. Knowing that we didn't have as much time as usual and also having a desire to play a stripped back game, I had suggested we play a 16 point Claw and Fang game. For those not familiar with the missions from the Hordes rulebook, it is a Warlock and Warbeasts only game (the Warmachine equivalent is Mangled Metal). I chose to dust off pDoomie, the first Warlock I ever used, and decided to back him up with a Dire Troll Mauler, a Dire Troll Blitzer and a Troll Impaler. For his part, Ben took Tyrant Xerxis and his battlegroup consisted of a Titan Gladiator, a Titan Sentry and a Cyclops Savage.

Going in to this game I had never killed a Titan of any kind, so that was my objective for this game. I didn't hold much hope of Doomie standing toe to toe with Xerxis and that was clearly Ben's thoughts too so killing a Titan would be more than enough of an achievement for this game. 

And to be perfectly honest, not only did I finally win myself some ivory, I also didn't do a bad job at trying to take down the Tyrant as well. But sadly, Doomie is far too squashy and instead the old man of the Trollkin collapsed under the weight of the Pillars of Halaak despite making two tough rolls. 

Back at the painting table I could avoid it no longer, but undaunted I under coated the min unit black which took most of the rest of the day. I did also basecoat them with, well, Trollblood base, so I am getting there slowly.

A photoshopped image to make it look as though I am painting

Painting wasn't as terrible as I remember it, so I may try my hand at it again next year.

Progress so far


  1. Steady m8,
    Don't want to over do the painting target too much. Maybe in easier chunks, like maybe every two years or something? Take it from someone who likes to set targets with absolutely no chance at maintaining them its alot easier that way.
    Joking aside well done on getting some paint on your brush, then on your mini's, more than what I'm managing to do atm

    1. Lol. True, ive not gotten any further though, so I'm keeping true.

      I've decided that I think you have a reasonable excuse for not painting mate, so I shall let you off!