Tuesday, 11 October 2011

From the mountains they came

So this is what I've been up to for the past few weeks: Slowly building up my Ogre Kingdoms army which I bought the majority of years ago!

I'd picked up the new book a week or so after release and I loved the new mournfangs and the ironblaster models so I could resist the chance to finally set about building the army up!

Hopefully this will kickstart the love for fantasy again as I've barely played it this edition and as I've said several times I'm not that enthusiastic about the Warriors of Chaos, but when I do play fantasy I feel stuck with them as they are a) the nearest to painted I have and b) the army I've learned to use the best (I struggled with the Beastmen), yet somehow they don't excite me!

I'll be taking them for a spin at the weekend against Ben's own Ogre army and a more regular sized army (basically so that I can stomp/thunderstomp them and see how that fares)

On another note, it may be a while before I get down to the club again. For a few reasons things have changed and I now don't have the time that I used to. I'm not taking a break from the hobby or anything, but getting the time to get in to Hull is, at least for now, a thing of the past. Watch this space.


  1. Look forward to seeing some painted pics ;)

    Busy with the course I take it then? Let me know when you can make it to the club so we can get a game of 40k sorted out.

  2. Very similiar to me mate, infact I still have alot still packed in their boxes. I did break them out a few months back and looked at them for a week or two but sadly these were packed away again. I hope you have more sucess in painting them than me.

    GL and lets see some painted soon

  3. Love it, been thinking about an Ogre army myself since the new book. Look forward to hearing the results of your little skirmishes.

    See you tomorrow dude.

  4. i'll let you know how it gets on Chris.

    @Pete, will do - i could do with a couple of low point games in the near future to get ready for planetary empires at the end of november. in fact that extends to you all really.