Tuesday, 14 June 2011

i have an idea. an idea so smart, my head would explode if i even began to know what i was talking about!

And it will help matters considerably!

At the moment I have 17 assembled Deathwing models plus an Interrogator Chaplain in Terminator armour, plus two Land Raiders (one being a Crusader). If needed I can build a Librarian in a few minutes and since this is going to be the bulk of my force in three out of the five games, i've decided to go Deathwing heavy regardless!

there are a few extra elements too - i've kept the Dreadnought contingent for the most part (there is one game where i don't use all three) and the vindicator appears a few times. In game three, we are required to take 3x Rhinos, and so i need to take three units that allow this option. As such i took two 5xman Devastators, one with 4x Heavy Bolters and one with lascannons and multi meltas. thats two, but then i was struggling to squeeze in another squad with a Rhino and still be allowed to take the rest of the main elements. Thats when i realised a Techmarine, which i intended to use anyway, could take a Rhino. Happy days!

So with the majority of the painitn left to do firmly in Louise's responsibility, i'm starting to get a little less stressed - I intend to help, but she is the better painter so will be doing most of the details.

With luck, I shall be able to prove a painted force in advance of setting off!


  1. Good luck getting the army ready mate, any chance I can borry Louise when you're done? ;)

  2. you don't need her, you are a good painter - we just need to speed you up and you'll be unstoppable!