Friday, 4 March 2011

This and that

Been having a lack of motivation since getting back from Doubles, but I have put together a few Ravenwing Bikers and started a unit of Wights.


Annoyingly I ran out of the Robed legs for these guys so I had to stop at four, but I plan go add Bikers and a Landspeeder to the Mechanicum force at some point, not to mention that I used the Ravenwing Attack Bike as the Mechanicum Attack Bike, so I shall be picking up another Ravenwing Battle Force soon anyway!

Regards the Vampire Counts list, it is proving more difficult than I had imagined to write a list I am happy with.

I'm really wanting to use the Wights and the Varghulf, but boy do they use up a lot of points! I've tried to write an initial 1200 point list using them both and I think it has to be one or the other. If I can work some magic and get them both in a workable list then great, but its proving a stretch. I'm also thinking of trying to shoe-horn a Necromancer in there too. Somehow a single Vampire seems much, much to fragile, but two is too costly. Then there is the need for a standard bearer and so on and so forth!

The Khaleraaq Wars campaign has been put on hold because Mart, Ben and frankly most of the participants are all fickle gamers and are lusting after new models to spend their hard earned on, which is fine for me as I can continue to assemble what I want at my own pace for the time being.

I wouldn't mind your thoughts on lists guys so if you have any ideas on how to improve the 2400 list or what to use in the 1200 one, let me know. The vamps are intended to be a bit Necrarch in theme but able to handle themselves, but other than that, i'm fairly open - just because i would like to use the Varghulf and the Wights in one army, doesn't mean I have too!

cheers guys!


  1. Its funny, I lost my 40k mojo after doubles, I think its because tourny weekends are so intense! Not that I have lost the building mojo mind.

    Im starting to get the gaming urge back and was hoping for a game this week, but decorating the house will put pay to that I think!

    Anywho check out Amazon for battle forces, you can pick some up really cheap - cant help you with the vamps tho!

  2. If you think I'm fickle now mate, just wait until more there's been more intro games done :-D.

    I've got some robed legs and most of the other DA specfic bits from the Ravenwing set if you want them, I got one a while back when it was far cheaper than getting the bikes and speeder seperately.

    As for the deadies a Necro or Wight King would be a good backup for the Vamp in little games or a cheap alternate for larger ones, particuarly the WK as then your general doesn't have to stick his head into a fight. The Vargulf is decent but Wights are the scarier ones for me even without Regen they're tough infantry that come back and they didn't pay the same premium for Fear as the Core did.

  3. lol, we are all as fickle as each other when it comes to this stuff!

    I could do with them parts please mate - need anything in exchange?

    Ben's been saying similar to be honest - is 30 wights the way to go though? will the horde be the best way forward or should i go for steadfast instead?

  4. I can't think of anything I need currently so don't worry about that, I'll be in on Weds and Thurs if you're going to be around?

    30 Wights in Horde seems to work although I'd be tempted to add a couple more so casulties don't immediately reduce your attacks (assuming you have the models of course)

    Since you crumble Steadfast is mostly a non-event except for breaking opponents and they're a bit expensive for that.

    The other idea I'd think would work is small units for flanking - 12 with minimal command, I've had some success with Bloodletters and Stormvermin that way so I suspect Wights would be fine too.